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Hello, how are you, my darling, today?

Heyo! My name is Grace and this is where I do my arting.

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Oh hey, this isn’t homework. 

I have been determined to participate in Wizarding Wednesdays since they started but life has continued to be so incredibly busy but I couldn’t miss doing Molly and Arthur Weasley so I did a quick sketch.

I like to imagine that Molly made the first move. 


I regret none of my stupid jokes ;p 

Second part of http://ilyone.tumblr.com/post/80980628898/part-of-the-chronology-of-a-friendship-snapshots

Jason’s move is actually a combination of something stupid I did with a lot of conviction in a card game and a story from a game master friend of mine who had a player killing all his friends with a badly thought spell ^^; 

Jason is totally thinking about doing more dumb stuff in the future in that last panel…


Things to be found in John Green books.

I always loved how in his books you could go from something really profound to something like “hump the moist cave wall” so I made a side-by-side of some of my favourites.






Favourite post on tumblr

This is what happens when we have a two year hiatus

I’m enjoying the thing.

I am so proud to be a part of this fandom

I lost it at the Gallefreyan one


Hi everyone! Just want to apologize for my long absence with some PG doodles. Things are somewhat hectic for me right now. I have a lot of commissions I have to complete, and my boyfriend and I are trying to get started on moving in together!

So my poor little AT comic had been put on the back burner. I’m still planning on continuing the comic but its (obviously) slowing down a lot. But Photoshop has been installed on my Windows Surface tablet so I can draw at work when I have nothing else to do! The tablet isn’t quite accurate enough as my Wacom to work on the comic pages though so it’ll just be some Gumshall doodles like this one. I still very much love this ship and I will continue to do pieces and share them here on Tumblr.

Thanks for reading and being awesome!


that fourth panel, Houtarou is weighing the pros and cons of his next move. and while he’s not really a man of action, i can see him leaning towards his desire to stay warm (and ignoring the part of him that just likes having Eru close).

one day… one day i’ll make comics that didn’t happen accidentally as doodles in a lecture class.


Happy Birthday, Marion! Welcome to the 23 year old club!

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